A new manuscript accepted for publication

Purchase Drivers of Local and Organic Produce by Canadian Consumers

Campbell, B.L., Lesschaeve, I., Bowen , A.J,  Onufrey, S.R., and Moskowitz H.

Accepted for publication in HortScience


Abstract. In recent years, the new trend for local and organic produce has transformed the landscape of fruit and vegetable purchasing.  To this effect, “local” and “organic” logos have become a norm in many retail outlets.  In order to examine the effects of different “local” and “organic” logos on Canadian consumers, a consumer survey was utilized to identify preferences for various external attributes and to identify consumer segments within the buyers of both local and organic purchasers.  Our results indicate that the “Foodland Ontario” logo has the largest effect on likelihood of purchase and also increases willingness to pay within the overall sample.  Furthermore, there are gender, region, and income differences associated with likelihood of purchase and willingness to pay given various logos.  Through this study, three consumers segments were identified, “Confident in Ontario Produce,” “In Organic We Trust,” and “Socially Responsible Locavores,” each of which has their own preferences for external characteristics.


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