The importance of consumer involvement in new product development

I am very pleased to announce the publication of a major book in the consumer science field. It is entitled “Consumer-driven innovation in food and personal care products”, edited by colleagues Drs. Jaeger and MacFie.

This book includes contributions of many specialists in the field of consumer science, marketing research, food science and sensometrics.

My colleague Dr. Johan Bruwer and I provided a litterature review on the Importance of Involvement and Implications for New Product Development. Here is the abstract that I hope will give you the flavour of this Chapter and motivate you to acquire this essential book.

“Understanding consumer needs, desires or preferences has led to an extensive body of literature in two traditionally independent disciplines: business and science. There is an increasing interest by both marketing researchers and consumer scientists to better assess the moderating role of consumer involvement on product choice and purchase and to understand its influence on consumer attitudes. This chapter defines the concept of involvement based on the theoretical background, describes the methodologies to measure it, and illustrates its influence on consumer purchase and consumption behaviour in both food and non-food contexts. The implications for new product development and innovation are also discussed.”

The chapter stages the theoretical framework of involvement, its sources, consequences, and scales developed to measure it.  Food, wine, and non-food applications are provided for the reader to assess the importance of knowing one’s consumer and how the level of involvement in a product or a situation can influence purchase behaviour.

As always, feedback is appreciated!


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