My one blogging resolution for 2011

This is the time when we establish our goals for the New Year, and I admit I am a bit late. I tend to procrastinate and one of my personal goals this year is certainly to fix or only accept reasonable deadlines to therefore deliver on time. Listening to the Daily boost podcast the other day, the host was suggesting to “build structure and stability [..] to stay focused”. So here the structure I determined in order to keep focus with my blogging activities and deliver regularly.

The overall goal of this blog is to share recent advances in the understanding of consumer behaviour . So….

We will learn something new every week
about the intricacies of consumer behaviour

Being a full time researcher implies the need to keep abreast with the discoveries and advances in my field. One of the criticisms I heard a lot since from non scientists or non academics is that seldom this knowledge is communicated to businesses or the general public in actionable terms. If it is, the jargon makes it often inapproachable.

This weekly post will review one recent or not so recent research publication that has business relevance for the wine or horticulture industry.

Preview: Starting January 10 and the following 3 weeks, I will feature an article from Food Quality and Preference-Special wine issue (October 2010) related of course to consumer wine preference or purchase behaviour.

Blogging specialists  recommend posting  frequently to maintain interest of the readership. To be honest, it is unrealistic for me to commit on posting every day and get my other work done! However I do micro-blog on twitter (@innovinum) several times a day sharing news relevant to the wine and horticulture industry. Follow me!

Please stay tuned. First research blog is coming on Monday January 10 and will discuss “The emotional response to wine consumption” by Ferrarini et al.

Last important thing: to stop procrastinating, I will appreciate to receive comments and feedbacks or suggestions. Talk to me!



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