About the author

Dr. Isabelle LesschaeveWelcome to Consumer Research Notes!
A blog translating knowledge into useful insights

My name is Isabelle Lesschaeve. I started this  blog to translate knowledge about consumer into actionable insights useful  for the ornamental, food and wine industries and of course the public.

I have an extensive experience in the field of sensory evaluation of food and beverages.I am working towards the understanding of factors driving consumer choice and preference for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and wines.

I am particularly interested in the attributes consumers associate and value when thinking “health and wellness.”  My research  goal at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is to expand the market for horticulture products by providing relevant insights on consumer perceptions of the quality and benefits of horticulture products (food, wine, and plants).

My passion for wine led to a great partnership with Dr Ann Noble (Prof Emeritus at UC Davis) and the Wine Aroma Wheel that I supply to wine educators students and wine enthusiasts.

My Specialties:

• Consumer driven product development • Sensory evaluation of food and wine • Wine consumer preference • Perceptual and preference mapping • IdeaMap – Conjoint analysis • Segmentation • Sensometrics • Team and Project management.

Current positions:

  • Research Director, Consumer Insights and Product Innovation, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Canada
  • Consultant Sensory Evaluation of Wines | Distributor Wine Aroma Wheels at Innovinum

Contact me:

Email: ilesschaeve@me.com