I created InnoVinum, my consulting company, when I became jobless in 2002 after moving to Canada. This entrepreneurial experience helped me to bounce back on the job market but also gave me the great privilege to meet wonderful and passionate wine professionals while proposing my consulting services. The core of my activities was the implementation of a sensory program to support both winemaking and marketing activities. I summarise the key success factors in a paper published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture in 2007 [Lesschaeve AJEV 2007 ].

Along this journey, I also met great friends who have been part of my personal and professional life ever since.

Since 2004, consulting activities have not been my primary focus since I have landed a full time job first at Brock University and then at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre; job that keeps me busy 6 days a week. However, InnoVinum is still the brand associated to my great partnership with Dr Ann Noble for promoting the wine aroma wheel as a great tool to train oneself in wine talk. The business is conducted on line for the Canadian and French speaking regions of the world.

Check out our websites:

And visit us every month for tasting tips and training tools for developing your wine tasting skills.

Finally, if you need some advice on how to implement a sensory program in your wine business or advices on how to better communicate wine sensory qualities to customers, contact me by email and I will do my best to help you out


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