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What is the most important to wine consumers?

I recently join a group discussion on LinkedIn (Vintage Wines) and a discussion caught my attention immediately. It started with this simple question: “What do you think is the most important to wine consumers? Is it selection or price or both?” Most of the posts were made by wine professionals selling wines for various types of business, but very few comments were made from the consumer perspective. All these people were genuinely sharing what they thought was the most important to the consumers. I therefore offer my perspectives on the subject based on my experience as a researcher and the literature published by others. You will find some of the ideas discussed at the wine workshop (see previous post).

One of the participants, Bruce, a wine enthusiast from New Zealand, asked if he could post my comments on his blog www.mylittlewinestore.com. I of course accepted and I invite you now to read my response annotated by Bruce.

We will both appreciate if you could share any related experience or any thoughts on what you think is important to wine consumers.