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Canada: A wine producing country?

I smiled and then frowned after reading the article published on the scoop website about the New Zealand Wine Symposium held in Hawke’s Bay at the end of June. The reporter labeled me as a “French wine consultant” although everywhere on the program I was clearly associated with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, based in Vineland Canada.

Does it sound phony to host a Canadian wine consultant in New Zealand? Yes we don’t live in igloos and Canada produces world class wines. No,  not only Icewines, but lovely Rieslings, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamays and great sparkling wines (my favourites).

I am proud to be Canadian as I am proud to still hold a French passport (except in soccer discussions). 

Anyway, besides that glitch, the article provided a great summary of the symposium major topic. Thanks for the mention.

To Canada great wines! Cheers!